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     PANARIN SERGEI A., Candidate of History, Director of Educational, Research and Publishing Center "Acta Eurasica", Editor-in-Chief of Russian academic journal Vestnik Evraziyi/ Acta Eurasica and Head of the Department of CIS, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences.

     He was born in the Ural in 1944. In 1974, he graduated from Moscow State University as a historian. In 1979, he finished post-graduate course at Institute of Oriental Studies and joined the Institute staff. He has done a research on the post-Soviet nationalisms, ethnic conflicts and ethnic migration within the CIS, organized a series of field studies in Buryatia, Bashkortostan, Kyrghyzstan and Kazakhstan, and established relations of cooperation with local scholars. Now his research focus is on those fields of social and political developments in the new independent states of CIS and in the republics of Russia where the impact of geography, geopolitics and historical inheritance is tangible. This is the principal subject of 10-lectures course he read for younger universities' staff of Central Asian states in Kazakhstan in 1997 2001.

     In 1992, he became the member of Common Security Forum, which is an independent international group of academics and policymakers from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. He is engaged, as a faculty resource, in the proceedings of 3-years-long International Scientific-Educational Seminar Central Asia in International Relations: Interdisciplinary Approach in Developing Teaching and Academic Excellence, supported by the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute. He also established a School of Younger Authors for students, post-graduates and young researchers and lecturers from Russian universities. He participated in international conferences and seminars in many Russian cities, as well as in Almaty, Bishkek, London, Cambridge (UK), Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, Turin, Bergamo, Ankara, Tehran, Calcutta, Ulaanbaatar. His total list of publications in Russian and Western monographs and journals includes more than 140 items.


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  9. Co-editor and autor: Anatoly Vyatkin, Natalya Kosmarskaya, Sergei Panarin (eds.), V dvizheniyi dobrovol'nom i vynuzhdennom: postsovetskiye migratsiyi v Yevraziyi (On the Move: Voluntarily and Involuntarily. Post-Soviet Migrations in Eurasia), Moscow, Natalis Press, 1999.
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